Solar Energy solutions

Since the beginning of creation and the sun is the source of life on the planet Earth, people have discovered throughout the ages and various means to take advantage of its energy such as home lighting, heating and other simple applications, then the world tended to maximize the benefit from solar energy, so Egypt was the first country in the world to create The first solar power plant in the world with a capacity of 100 horsepower to irrigate the cotton fields in Maadi in Cairo in 1911, which was the start to generalize the use of renewable energy in Europe and the rest of the world.

Industrial solutions


LED lighting solutions

Electromisr company has started its manufacturing stages through the manufacture of LED lighting products, as the company includes a variety of LED lighting products in various forms and electrical capabilities that are suitable for all residential and commercial uses such as ceiling lamps, chandeliers of all kinds, LED panels and tiles of all kinds, as well as headlamps for facades and factories And others, all with modern LED technology that is manufactured and run tests on them according to the highest Egyptian quality standards and international specifications to ensure the best performance and efficiency of the products.

Our Clients

Electro Egypt always seeks to achieve the aspirations and ambitions of its customers by providing its products with the highest quality and the latest technologies and competitive prices, and we are always keen to provide the best service to the customer and maintain the satisfaction of our customers always and be always at the best of their expectations

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